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Save time, save money, get instant results


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Affordable means instant savings

Time Beagle's purpose is to keep an eye on your business so you can use your time to make money out of it.




  • Compared to competition, Time Beagle offers a great product for a piece of the price of the competition for only 2.49 a month per employee.

  • Time Beagle has no base fees unless assistance is needed then an installation fee would be paid depending on the size of the employee number.


  • Information can be all managed from a smartphone

  • Creating a new business 

  • Managing reports

  • Check-In/Out for employees

  • Easy to correct payroll time issues 

  • Easy to contact with employer

  • Print Reports for both employees and employer

  • Change Photo/Password



  • Information protected in the database

  • The app clocks-in/out and lets the employer know if the employee checked in on time and location

  • Database is constantly backed up so if an employer made a mistake it can be restored to previous settings.


Internships 101

  • Check In/Out very quickly

  • Print Reports by office/employee

  • Save hundreds of hours getting each employee's total amount of hours

  • Create employees/buildings/change passwords and photos in seconds

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