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How is my location been used when I allow Time Beagle to use GPS?


Time Beagle app uses your location to compare to the office location, when the device is within the office parameters the database will give a positive response in the reports.


What if I am not in the location when I check-in?


Time Beagle app will compare the device location with the office location and will give a negative response in the reports. It will not show the actual location of the employee to the employer.


What happens if I am at work and decide to take a lunch break and leave the office?


Time Beagle app continuously receives the location of the employee and will reflect in the reports when the employee leaves the office. However, Time Beagle will only show the times of being out of the office parameters and not any location that the employee went to. Time Beagle app is not tracking the location of the employee but comparing it to the database to give a positive or negative feedback.

Device Storage

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What happens when I log-in to Time Beagle app for the first time?

Time Beagle app will register your mobile device with the username that was first logged in on the phone. After the first registration, Time Beagle app will not accept any other usernames.



How much does Time Beagle Cost?


Time Beagle charges each company for the amount of employees that are registered including the manager.


How do you pay your balance?


To pay a company balance, each company has to Log-In on the payments website. (Link on the menu bar)

Personal information/



What happens when I authorize Time Beagle to access my information and photos?


Time Beagle app receives the personal information and photos for each company database. Time Beagle does not have the right and will not use your personal information or photos for any other reason.

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